What is Copywriting?

It's the latest blog post by your favorite designer that explains the inspiration for their newest collection. It's the newsletter sent out by your local grocery co-op featuring the new farmers whose produce they're now selling. It's the words on the website you browse when considering which massage therapist would help best with your lower back pain. 


Copywriting is advertising, but done in a way that establishes long-term trust with your customers. By providing them with valuable, helpful information about you, your products, or your services, they'll see you as a leader in your field; someone who has the answers to the questions they've been asking and possibly to the questions they didn't know they had.

How Does it Work?

Let's say you own a speciality pet food store. Sure, people want what's best for their pets and they know that pet nutrition is important, but how and why, exactly? It's that lack of information that forms the abyss between you and a strong customer base. Education starts through blog posts, newsletters, articles in community newspapers, and web content, for example. Select a new mineral or vitamin each week and highlight it with simple, introductory content. Develop a series on dog anatomy that focuses on optimal health goals. Explain your history in pet health care. Empower your customers with the necessary information that will inspire them to take action.

Who Uses it?

With all of the world's information at our fingertips, consumers are more educated now ever. If they have questions, research is just a click away and you should be on the receiving end.  Whether you're a physician trying to establish a practice, the owner of a local clothing boutique, the director of a nonprofit wanting to boost donations, or anyone striving for your voice or mission to be heard, you can benefit from copywriting. Your desired audience is faced with a lot of options. Be the one that stands out. 

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