Who I Am


A way with words at a young age cultivated a passion for self-expression later in life that inspired me to study journalism and creative nonfiction. I earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and German from the University of Iowa and also studied professional writing and grant writing at Southern Oregon University. To add to my toolbox and keep life interesting, I also earned a massage therapy license, which familiarized me with the health and wellness industry.


I've written blogs for wellness studios, creative nonfiction articles for online eco travel magazines, and current event articles for city newspapers and a local community newspaper. 


Through my writing, I seek to make sense of our wild, beautiful world by stitching together the right words to share an experience, a sense of place or to clearly convey an idea. I use my knack for communication to help others find success through sharing their ideas, services, and products with the world. By using my passion for expression, I'm excited to help you bring vibrancy to your ideas.

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